Mission Statement (revised April 2019)

The Palm Springs Senior Softball National League (PSSSNL) is a recreational rather than competitive senior softball league whose members are men and women whose ages range from fifty (50) to eighty five (85) as compared to the current calendar year. All teams are drafted at the beginning of each season. Any player not drafted will be invited to the Sub List. The goal is to have as evenly matched teams as possible. The emphasis is on providing wholesome activity and entertainment for the social improvement and welfare of the community, playing safely, having fun, demonstrating sportsmanship, exercising, having some laughs, and winning, in that order of importance. The primary intent is to promote the common good and general welfare of the community. At these ages, we play for the love of the game and each of us should be more than satisfied with the fact that we are still able to participate in the sport at this point in our lives.

Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) Rules apply for league games with some changes to minimize the risk of injury as stipulated in the PSSSNL Rules of Play. For example, pitchers must pitch using a screen to protect them after releasing a pitch. Safety is the number one objective of the PSSSNL.

The PSSSNL is an age 50 to 85 league. We have set these parameters because safety is our first priority. Players older than 85 (as compared to the current calendar year) may request an exemption pending an evaluation by the Ratings Committee. The decision of the Ratings Committee will be final.